The path to learning begins at Eye Level

Eye Level is a supplementary education program that promotes self-directed learning. Eye Level helps children develop academic skills, build confidence, and establish a love of lifelong learning.

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Eye Level Learning Centre Halifax

Our Curriculum

At Eye Level, we help children achieve a level of mastery to move on to the next stage of learning. Our curriculum tackles challenges from the ground up, introducing students to new concepts in terms of already learned skills. Eye Level uses systematic booklets to help build foundational skills in math, reading, and writing.

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Basic Math

Basic Math

Eye Level Math will take your child through a study area covering the basics of numbers all the way through advanced mathematical concepts. Eye Level's Basic Math program builds the basic foundation of arithmetic skills.

Critical Thinking Math

Critical Thinking Math

Eye Level's Critical Thinking Math program develops your child's deductive and reasoning skills. Mathematical concepts such as patterns, geometry, measurement and reasoning skills in advanced mathematical concepts such as algebra and statistics are taught and learned.

English and Writing

English & Writing

Eye Level English instills the necessary motor skills for reading and writing, from the fundamentals of grammar to the more complex concepts focusing on the mastery of verbal and written communication.

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Before joining Eye Level, a child is given a skills assessment to determine the best place to start the student in the Eye Level curriculum. Sign up for a free skills assessment below.